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Burj al Arab Hotel254 viewsRising from the Arabian Sea, photographed from the small bridge that is the only access to the hotel.
Marjorie Crossing A Bridge in Viet Nam167 viewsOn our trip to Viet Nam, before there were lots of tourists.
Tia exploring the bridge597 views
Betwixt Eton and Windsor161 viewsOn our visit to The 2006 Wag and Bone Show we sloped off to Eton and Windsor for lunch. This is the bridge linking Eton and Windsor. Tapa is too busy watching the Canada Geese to pose for the camera.
River Thames at Eton and Windsor93 viewsLooking westward from the bridge that connects the High Street in Eton with Windsor, towards the Windsor Eye.
Taking a stroll across the bridge334 viewsThis bridge fords the River Rhine. It is right next to the Hyatt Hotel and is a pedestrian and rail bridge. Here we are off into Cologne for an evening meal of German food.
The obligatory night view124 viewsCologne Cathedral and bridge at night
A magical, mysterious place130 viewsThe little stone bridge crosses the stream that separates Whitecroft from the back field. There's a leak in the little waterfall in the fountain: a project for another day.
Bridge Over The Back Stream101 viewsThe wooden bridge over the back stream at Whitecroft, in the snow.
Bridge Over The Back Stream89 viewsThe morning of February 8 2007 after a nighttime snowfall.
Marjorie in Cambridge102 viewsAs we waited for Kiko to have his MRI at the Animal Health Trust in near-by Newmarket, Marjorie and I went into Cambridge for lunch and a bit of a wander around (as much as I could do with my cane -- which isn't much).
Curly Decoration in Cambridge442 viewsWe were having lunch and a bit of sightseeing while Kiko was having his MRI at the Animal Health Trust in near-by Newmarket.
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