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Paulo after Breakfast202 viewsIs that a bit of scrambled egg on your nose, Paulo?1 comments
Paulo Enjoying His Breakfast142 viewsWheatabix, fresh Guernsey milk (from Carole, our cow), and some scrambled egg from our own Black Rock chickens. Served in his suite, on a silver (okay, silver colour) stand.
Cathy at Sunday Breakfast200 viewsApril 24 2005 - Whitecroft
Tiny Demonstrating She's Not151 viewsTiny has just had her breakfast, and is looking for more.
Elvis and His Milk Moustache138 viewsElvis having his breakfast --- scrambled eggs from our own Black Rock chickens (laid this morning) and Guernsey milk, usually from Carole, our house cow. Elvis has his "Got Milk?" moustache.
Breakfast at the Burj al Arab Hotel4817 viewsMarjorie having breakfast. We were surrounded by plants from Hawaii (or from tropical islands) like the naupaka. The poor things were struggling: I suspect the humidity is too low in Dubai, or it's too hot -- or both.
Saturday Morning Breakfast - Home Made Pancakes with Worms282 viewsOne of our week-end treats is to have pancakes with "real" (i.e. fake) maple syrup. Marjorie cooked up a batch on Saturday. They looked good, but my first bite felt, er, "crunchy." I looked down on my plate and saw this little critter. Where had it come from?! A further search yielded a veritable collection of moths which we seem to have imported in some dates or nuts from Dubai. Yum, yum. We had toast and spring cleaned the cupboard!!
Marjorie Having Breakfast at Brenners Park Hotel162 viewsOne of our many "food photographs." We spent the night at Brenners Park on our way to the Bolex factory in Switzerland.
Cane After His Breakfast98 viewsWith a little bit of his freshly scrambled eggs on his nose.
Cane102 viewsAfter breakfast of freshly scrambled Black Rock chicken eggs and Guernsey milk.
Cane Enjoying His Breakfast171 views
Marjorie With a Little Chef Breakfast137 viewsAt a motorway stop on the M1, heading north to York. Marjorie tucking in to her full English breakfast.
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