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The Poi Girl386 viewsWe got the bright idea (?) that it would be clever to create a "Poiboy" parody of "Playboy." Of course, to do so we needed a Playmate. We asked Camera Hawaii to do a G-rated version, and this is what they produced. You see less in this photograph than you see on any day at the beach, but this still didn't stop some people from complaining.
Poi Girl with Poi T-Shirt391 views
The Poi Girl470 viewsAnother Camera Hawaii shot of the "playmate" for our Playboy parody. This is the shot we actually used on the cover of our brochure.
Poi Girl Showing Bag of Poi382 views
Poi Girl with Poi T-Shirt716 views1 comments
Poi Girl with Bag of Poi446 views
Poi Girl with Bag of Poi386 views
Me at the Palavella for the Pair Figure Skating611 viewsChase has started calling me "Big Boot Boy." But at least they could wheel me right to this seat.
Artur on Ross163 viewsRoss was so gentle that he didn't mind Artur playing cowboy.
Artur At The Rodeo177 viewsRoss didn't really mind Artur playing the cowboy --- for a second or two. Then he simply flicked Arthur off onto the straw.
Black Boy, symbol of the Adelaide Men's Club148 views
Now which pair shall I try on??89 views
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