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After Dinner at Lucies Farm457 viewsNo, we haven't washed them yet. This is what the bowls look like after dinner (and breakfast . . ) at the Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort.
Harvey Having A Drink119 viewsComfortably positioned in the shade, with the water bowl conveniently located.
Bella Contemplating Her Ball107 viewsBella has managed (deliberately, of course) to drop her ball into the water dish. Naturally the fun is now trying to get it out. Tipping the dish over? Too easy. But she didn't like putting her nose in the water to grab the ball. So she drank as much water as she needed to drink to then grab the ball with her teeth.
Bella105 viewsFiguring out her strategy to remove her ball from the water bowl --- where she, of course, has deliberately placed it.
Bella88 viewsContemplating her ball in the water bowl, where she's placed it.
Bella, the Red Barbell Toy, and Her Water Bowl102 viewsResting after a bit of chase-the-barbell.
WMF Gondolier Centrepiece241 viewsI am told it's quite unusual to have the original glass bowl with this piece. The bowl is quite delicate, and a strange shape --- and it has lasted (with just a few chips on the edges) for over 100 years. And at least two trips across the Atlantic. We purchased this piece in Buenos Aires.
Brutus and Pee Pee Having Dinner123 viewsBrutus eats from the top bowl, and Pee Pee from the bottom. Of course, Pee Pee then has a look to see what Brutus is eating...
Brutus and Pee Pee Getting Ready to Eat100 views
Peepee More Interested in Brutus' Dinner112 viewsAlthough Peepee has a bowl of his own, he first wanted to check to see if Brutus had something better in his bowl.
Peepee and Brutus Dining Together123 views
Marjorie and the Viet Cong in the Cu Chi Tunnels284 viewsThe Cu Chi tunnels, a 75-mile-long underground maze where thousands of fighters and villagers could hide, are at the top of the list of tourist spots for Ho Chi Minh City. Marjorie was able to crawl through the lower levels (I'm too big). There was also this "photo op" spot, complete with fake rice bowls.
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