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Woodman's Cottage229 viewsThis is the cottage at the entrance to Lord's Wood. According to our title deeds, recorded at Land Registry, the property line runs along the right-hand side (eastern) of Woodman's Cottage. The red line in this photograph approximates the boundary, so it would appear --- subject to further work by our surveyor --- that the trees, etc. to the right of the line are part of our property.
Front of Woodman's Cottage212 viewsAs best we can tell, the front boundary of Woodman's Cottage is circa 8.9 meters from the front (south) of the Woodman's Cottage garage. This photograph was taken from the west, facing towards the east. Marjorie is standing behind the hedge at the point 8.9 meters south of the front of the cottage. Assuming we're correct (and our surveyor is checking this now) the area to the right (south) of the red line is our property.
Cars Parked at Lord's Wood Cottage303 viewsThe old (apparently Victorian) chicken coop is shown by the red arrow on the right. Our deeds to the Lord's Wood track show that the boundary line runs next to this chicken coop. The fence line is considerably to the east of this wall.
Front Garden of Woodman's Cottage and New Fence234 viewsPhotographed looking south-east. The Bransford (Colletts Green) Road is on the right. The grassy area is the front garden of Woodman's Coggage. The existing, side fence is in the foreground. It meets the new fence at the traffic marker. Photographed September 15 2006.
New Fence At Woodman's Cottage198 viewsPhotographed looking towards the east. The Bransford Road (aka Colletts Green Road) is on the right. September 15 2006.
Craig Standing Next To The New Fence206 viewsWoodman's Cottage, after the new fence was installed along the correct boundary line. Photographed September 15 2006.
Lord's Wood Cottage and the Track141 viewsWe put some hard core on our very waterlogged track, running on the eastern side o Lord's Wood Cottage. Note how the lean-to garage has been reduced as a result of the move of the boundary to its correct location. Lord's Wood Cottage, owned by Thomas Hawkins, seems to be abandoned. This view is looking south down the track from the entrance to Lord's Wood.
The Cider Mill - 21 Colletts Green Road115 viewsA photograph of the eastern wall of The Cider Mill. This photograph was taken to show the proximity of our property to the house itself: we own the gravel driveway, so there is very little land (essentially only a narrow path) in front of The Cider Mill.
View of Northern Boundary of Maggot's Croft210 viewsThis view, from Geoffrey Grizzell's field looking to the south, shows the northern boundary of Maggot's Croft. Our new wooden fence is shown beneath the second (smaller) oak tree.
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