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Magnolia Blossom - Whitecroft172 viewsI love Magnolias. Great, huge, pure white flowers. It's a shame that they seem to fall apart so quickly, so it's hard to bring them in the house for a big floral display. (Unless there's some secret that only Southern belles learn, while drinking juleps.) This magnolia bud is in our large tree, Whitecroft, on a hot summer afternoon.
At long last some spring flowers!166 viewsIn the Whitecroft garden, spring 2006.
Magnolia Flower100 viewsOur magnolia tree in the front garden is all in bloom. These huge flowers don't really last too well in a vase, but they make the garden smell wonderful when they're open.
Two Magnolia Blossoms84 viewsWhitecroft front garden, summer, July 2006
Magnolia Tree - Whitecroft Front Garden85 viewsWith its big white blossoms.
Magnolia Blossom92 viewsWhitecroft front garden, summer 2006
The Old and The New197 viewsThe magnolia tree in our front garden -- a new blossom, and an old. The magnolia is an ancient genus that evolved before bees appeared. The flowers are designed to be pollinated by beetles. This is a Southern Magnolia, or Magnolia grandiflora.
Southern Magnolia Blossom118 viewsThis is on our large Southern Magnolia tree, photographed August 4 2006. We're having several new blossoms a day, and they scent the evening air with the gentle smell of --- well, of magnolias.
Wisteria Blossom159 viewsA flower on our Wisteria vine.
Wisteria Blossom86 views
Our Wisteria Vine86 viewsThis wisteria vine overlooks the outdoor swimming pool.
Roses at Whitecroft118 viewsThese roses are outside the kitchen window at Whitecroft.
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