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Our Anniversary Portrait - Craig & Marjorie239 viewsSitting in Border's in the Birmingham Bullring, April 26 2005 --- 19 years today. (What's Tapa doing in this picture?)
Bullring - Birmingham202 viewsApril 26 2005 -- It looks like some sort of winter confection to me.
Shauna - Lunch at Selfridge's Birmingham225 viewsHaving our anniversary lunch (April 26 2005) at Selfridge's in the Birmingham Bullring
Cathy, Shauna, and Marjorie141 viewsAt the Bullring, Birmingham, April 26 2005
Selfridge's Sushi Bar - Birmingham879 viewsThe view from our seat. The gentleman washed his hands in the sink (arrow 1) and dried them by shaking them off. The water --- seen as drops on the stainless steel sink --- went into the shrimp he was peeling (arrow 2).
Selfridge's Sushi Bar - Birmingham146 viewsSeated on my stool at the sushi bar and looking down to the floor at my feet. A lovely assortment of dirt and paper napkins. Yum.
Large Lady, Small Car166 viewsMarjorie and I were having a won ton min at Wing Yip in Birmingham when this large lady came out of another oriental restaurant. To my amusement she went right to this small red car and hopped in.
Winter Snow Scene -- Birmingham167 viewsDecember 27 2005 -- As we turned into this street in Birmingham, it started to snow.1 comments
The Bull Ring, Birmingham124 viewsPhotographed on December 23 2005 from a restaurant on the top floor of Selfridge's in the Bull Ring in Birmingham, looking down on a small band, in red coats, on the lower level. They were playing Christmas carols. This photo was taken with my small camera phone --- there's no strap on the phone, and I didn't want to drop it on the band some four floors below.
Marjorie and Cathy at Selfridge's, Birmingham98 viewsWaiting for our table downstairs to have a won ton min for lunch.
Marjorie and Cathy at Selfridge's, Birmingham118 viewsWaiting to have lunch, December 28 2006
Cathy Taking A Picture of Herself126 viewsCathy taking a photo of herself, with me taking a picture of the whole process. At the coffee shop in Selfridge's in Birmingham, January 4 2007.
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