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Highland Cow and Calf983 viewsA misty Easter morning at Birchfields. Kevin was showing Marjorie and me the week-end "ropes" so we could check on the cattle in his absence. I'm not sure I was a great apprentice, since I brought my camera to record the moment.
New Highland Calf647 viewsHe hasn't been ear-tagged yet. The trick is catching him. Taken at Birchfields, Easter week-end 2004.1 comments
Birchfields, Easter Week-end476 viewsA misty Saturday before Easter, 2004. The Highland cattle have been fed a bit just so we could easy have a look at them all. A pastoral scene in the English countryside: enjoy it before it's gone. I wonder if Birchfields would make a good Tesco parking lot?
Highland Cattle at Birchfields525 viewsEnjoying the summer sunshine, June 11 2005
Highland Calf - Two Days Old551 viewsA young heifer Highland calf at Birchfields, June 11 2005
Highland Cattle Funeral636 viewsThis Highland cow died in childbirth. We removed her from Birchfields by tractor. Andy drove the tractor slowly, and the cow's mother walked alongside. Vic walked slowly behind, with the other cattle following slowly in a single file. They followed the tractor until it left the field, and then dispersed quietly.
Lord Rannoch with A Wife and Child904 viewsLord Rannoch posing in front of one of his wives, with one of his heifer calves (born the day before). A summer day at Birchfields, June 11 2005
Highland Mother and Her Son785 viewsBirchfields on a summer day, June 11 2005
Highland Cow and Her Calf327 viewsBirchfields, June 11 2005
Richard Pugh203 viewsRichard Pugh, our land agent, having a look at Birchfields 1.
Highland Cattle On The Mooove485 viewsBirchfields 1, morning of 13 October 2005. There was a beautiful cloud formation overhead, above the Malvern Hills.
Lord Rannoch and a Lady Friend368 viewsWe just moved the ladies from Birchfields 1 down the little road to Birchfields 2. Rannoch was delighted to make their acquaintances, again, in a Highland bull sort of way.
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