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Merlin -- A bit of Guernsey | Kobe5872 viewsWe recently purchased Carole, a pure-bred Guernsey cow, as our "house cow." The farmers who sold us Carole are getting out of the dairy business, so their bull, Merlin, was set to go to the chop. The Guernsey Cattle Society tells me Guernsey beef is delicious, so Merlin has had a bit of a reprieve. He gets to eat grain and grass and drink beer --- for a year.
Highland and Aberdeen Angus Cattle355 viewsThis is our 11-acre field, which overlooks the Powick Parish Church and the valleys of the Teme and Severn Rivers. Here our pedigree Aberdeen Angus steers and Highland steers live the Kobe life: a regular diet of grain, beer (from the local micro-brewery), and massages.
Kevin Massaging Highland Steer351 viewsThe steers stand still for their massage. Perhaps it's the anticipation of the beer that will follow shortly?
Vic Scott Massaging an Aberdeen Angus Steer4997 viewsThe cattle stand still when they're being massaged, and often lean into the massager. They are weighed and massaged after they've had their beer and grain, so are quite merry anyway.
Westbrook Enjoying A Beer1167 viewsWestbrook is a Berkshire pig --- what the Japanese call kurobuta ("black pig"). Kurobuta pork is highly prized in Japan, and we've decided to take it one step further and feed our Berkshire pigs the same diet we feed our Kobe cattle. This, of course, includes beer. Here Vic is giving Westbrook some nice cool beer on a hot summer afternoon.
Westbrook Enjoying A Cool Beer904 viewsHeineken, of course.
Westbrook Enjoying A Cool Heineken593 views
Westbrook Enjoying A Beer545 views
Westbrook Enjoying a Beer464 viewsIt's a hot summer afternoon, and our Berkshire pigs (kurobuta in Japanese) are fed the same diet as our Kobe steers --- beer, grain, and massages!
Westbrook Enjoying A Beer439 views
Westbrook Having a Laugh451 views
Westbrook Enjoying A Heineken638 viewsI feel a bit like a farmer in the Ozark Mountains, givin' ma hogs bir! But we're feeding our pigs the same diet (essentially) that we feed our Kobe beef. Instead of giving the pigs cattle grain, we give them a special, luxurious pig mix from BOCM. And beer to stimulate their appetite and relax them. Oink.
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