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Another Photo of Kiko Sleeping568 viewsKiko all curled up in the lounge, sound asleep. He looks like a big kidney bean. May 4 2005, Whitecroft
Marjorie Showing Gucci the Runner Beans133 viewsGucci looks so very, very interested in Marjorie's explanation of the details of runner beans.
Marjorie and Chase on the Dock244 viewsSomewhere in the Caribbean, one of the stops on our Windstar cruise. Summer 1992
Chase in the Caribbean179 viewsOn the Windstar tender, going from our ship to go shopping on one of our island visits. (All of the islands blend together in my memory!) Summer 1992
Marjorie on the Windstar176 viewsOn our summer 1992 Caribbean cruise with Chase.
Scottish | Kobe Teriyaki Steak with Rice and Soy Beans612 viewsMade with Scottish | Kobe beef cut 8mm thick. Marinated in teriyaki sauce, and then cooked quickly on the grill.
I wanna eat where these dogs eat!117 views
Marjorie on the Beach at the Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados219 viewsMarjorie relaxing under a blue umbrella. The trees in the background were manchineel trees, common near the beach in the Caribbean. One little worry: "Standing under the tree is hazardous if it is raining. The water passing through the leaves and fruit will cause burns and blisters if it comes in contact with your skin." Fortunately, it was sunny.
The Caribbean from the Beach at the Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados119 viewsWith my little toe in the foreground.
Chase Upsidedown Underwater132 viewsPlaying with my Nikonos V underwater camera in the clear water of the Caribbean at the Sandy Lane Hotel. Chase is being the helpful model.
The Beach at the Sandy Lane Hotel200 viewsTaken from the water with my then-new Nikonos V underwater camera.
Underwater Zen-Like Chase155 viewsIn the clear water off the Sandy Lane Hotel. Chase is trying her best to be my underwater model.
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