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Lord's Wood - Autumn384 viewsBecause of the dry summer in 2003, we had a spectacular autumn. This photograph was taken from the main path in Lord's Wood in October 2003.
Lord's Wood - Autumn455 viewsThe main path at the top of Lord's Wood, October 2003
Pool and Back Garden at Whitecroft171 viewsWe've had the pool liner replaced, again. Haven't actually put a toe in the outside pool since 1996 or so. It's been quite a chore to get it clean --- lots of ugly algae and other things. Looks like we'll have it ready --- in time for autumn.
A Young Tamworth Sow658 viewsMorning sunlight, early autumn day at Lucies Farm
English Countryside With Tamworth Pig980 viewsLooking from our 4 acre field back to Whitecroft (the buildings on the left). A nice warm mid-September morning in sunny Worcestershire.
Tamworth Boar Having A Nap524 viewsNice early autumn morning sunshine.
Missy and Ronan on a Walk91 viewsWalking in Lord's Wood, early autumn afternoon in sunny Worcestershire.
Oscar Enjoying The Autumn Afternoon111 views
Tamworth Pig, Swimming564 viewsHaving an early autumn afternoon swim in our heated pool.
Ballet Cruz Standing Guard456 viewsOur Aberdeen Angus bull, Ballet Cruz, standing watch over the Tamworth (red) and Berkshire (black) pigs. A nice autumn afternoon in sunny Worcestershire.
Marjorie the Pig Farmer121 viewsOur first opportunity to wear our new waterproof boots. A sunny mid-October day at Lucies Farm.
Otis with autumnal ball!84 views
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