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Hobart taro peeler404 viewsWhenever I see or even think of this taro peeler, I can't help but remember Francisco hunched over it with the taro. He'd open the little hatch door on the side, and filthy water loaded with bits of taro and dirt would go flying all over the ladies in the peeling room. This would happen dozens of times each day, but the ladies never seemed to mind.
Artichoke and Mint266 viewsWe got lost one day going to Coventry (or somepleace awful) and we found the National Herb Centre. They had the most wonderful, big, silver-green plants that turned out to be artichoke plants. Ours didn't grow anywhere as large, yet. But fresh artichokes from the garden are great. We've surrounded the little artichoke plant with mint. Whitecroft, on a warm Spring day in April, 2004.
Martha's Birthday277 viewsReady to unwrap her present.
Martha and the Haddock Ice Cream302 viewsMarjorie enjoys her Haddock Ice Cream from Lucies Farm. The ice cream can be ordered from
Martha Waiting for the Go-Ahead347 viewsMartha waiting for permission to start the party.
Martha and the Haddock Ice Cream272 viewsMartha waiting to devour her Haddock Ice Cream at her birthday party.
Speed Camera Partnership278 viewsI saw these folks from the Speed Camera Partnership blowing up balloons (hmmm). As their cameras threaten to take our photograph at unwanted times, I thought I'd take their photograph. They didn't appear to be speeding, but I just need to check the calibration of my camera.
Bart (foreground) and Sophie190 viewsBart waiting for me to toss the ball.
Bart89 viewsEarly evening, summer, the time when the foxes start to come out. We have about 1/4 acre of tall grass near the chicken field. Bart sniffing the air, waiting.
Bart123 views
Bart90 views
Bart99 viewsProwling through the long grass.
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