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Berskshire Pig Having a Drink181 viewsWe bought this inexpensive kiddie pool from Argos, and hoped that the smaller pigs would enjoy a swim. This Berkshire pig thought it was a drinking trough.
Berkshire Piglet in the Kiddie's Pool835 viewsWe bought an inexpensive kiddie's pool at Argos to see if the piglets would like a swim. They didn't.
Wild Boar and Swimming Pool208 viewsWe bought this kiddie's swimming pool at Argos to see if the piglets (Berkshire and wild) would like a swim. But this large wild boar decided the water was better for drinking than for swimming.
Wild Boar Approaching the Argos Kiddie Pool198 viewsWe wondered if the small wild boar might enjoy a swim in the Argos apple-shaped kiddie swimming pool.
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