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Marjorie with Bolex Camera296 εμφανίσειςPoor Marjorie. I got her to pose with the Bolex camera so I could take a photo for eBay. I think her wrist hurt for a week.
Roxy's Birthday Cake - December 8 20041252 εμφανίσεις
Maxi and Bonnie146 εμφανίσεις
Bonnie and Maxi141 εμφανίσειςWalking in the garden, with some of the rare English sunshine.
Out for a Walk131 εμφανίσεις
Tiny and her Toy128 εμφανίσειςWith her bushy tail, Tiny looks almost like a fox.
Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Hotel239 εμφανίσειςWhat a great spring day. This photo shows our Luxury Dog Hotel with the flowers in bloom, and a blue sky. Welcome to sunny Worcestershire.
The Fox Hounds245 εμφανίσειςOr, rather, they were the fox hounds...
Whitecroft Swan Fountain with Full Moon Behind Trees135 εμφανίσεις
Front Garden Path of Light241 εμφανίσεις
Maxim Magazine June 2005 Article4388 εμφανίσειςDavid Whitehouse, a reporter from Maxim Magazine spent a night in our dog hotel. As this is a bit of a lad's magazine, the article is not accurate reporting --- and not for the easily offended. The pictures are good, and part of the article is quite funny. (David was fed a Kobe beef meatloaf for dinner and ate it all. He had to turn the heat down in the middle of the night because he was too warm...) This is a 1,883kb PDF file.1 σχόλια
Emilia and the Fire Extinguisher240 εμφανίσειςEmilia testing an out-of-date fire extinguisher.
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