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Woody Protecting the Ball157 viewsThe bark was to tell me, "Stop taking these dumb pictures and throw the ball..."
Woody Prancing With the Ball130 views
Woody Coming In For A Landing132 viewsI love watching dogs play ball with two balls --- one in the mouth, one in play. Which to catch? Which to chew? Decisions . . Decisions . .
Woody in Mid-Air142 views
Woody -- More Interested in Cookie Than Ball159 viewsIt poured with rain today, so while Woody still had his walks and ball-playing, it was hard to take photos in the rain. So this is one of those posed shots in our orchid house, with Woody more interested in the cookie (held just off camera, on the right) than in the yellow ball.
Woody128 views
Woody Looking Sad116 viewsDogs can be so tricky! A moment before this photograph was taken, Woody was bouncing all over the place, happy as Larry. But when the camera came out, he put on the soulful eyes.
Woody105 views
Woody403 views
Woody Mid Air133 viewsChasing a ball around the front garden, going airborne.
Woody Looking Cute106 views
Grandfather (John "Woody" Walsh) Having An Ice Cream192 viewsGrandfather had a stroke in 1987. This photograph was taken at an outdoor fair at The Lawns nursing home in Kempsey, where he was living at the time. It was a sunny day, and we all had ice cream cones. We entered Kea, our bull terrier, in the waggy tail contest.
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