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Craig Walsh and Chase Ellis with Highland Cattle Trophy1535 odsłonThe Highland Cattle Trophy at the Three Counties Show in Malvern, England was contributed by Lucies Farm Ltd.
Three Counties Agricultural Show Ad - 19975549 odsłonIn cleaning up some old paperwork, I found this colour proof of our advertisement in the 1997 issue of the Three Counties Agricultural Show programme. I am now on the quest to find the original of this photograph of Lord Rannoch with his mother.
Three Counties Show - 2004482 odsłonOne of our "junior" bulls being judged in the ring.
Three Counties Show - 2004317 odsłonJudging of our "junior" bulls in the ring.
Three Counties Show - 2004323 odsłonOur two "junior" bulls being shown --- UK302940100030 and UK302940300032 --- by Andy and Kevin.
Three Counties Show - 2004350 odsłonIn the cattle shed --- Lord Rannoch of Lucies being groomed, and our "Are you thinking what we're thinking?" sign
Three Counties Show - 2004487 odsłonJudging one of our two "junior" bulls in the show ring at the Three Counties Show, Malvern.1 komentarzy
Three Counties Show - Malvern, 20041075 odsłonLord Rannoch in the show ring, being pulled by Kevin and prodded a bit by Andy.
Three Counties Show - 2004920 odsłonLord Rannoch in the cattle shed before the judging.
Three Counties Show - 2004601 odsłonLord Rannoch of Lucies in the Three Counties Show ring, being judged
Three Counties Show - 2004627 odsłonLord Rannoch in the Three Counties Show judging ring
Three Counties Show - 2004550 odsłonAndy and Kevin with Lord Rannoch of Lucies - Three Counties Show judging, 2004
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