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Résultats de la recherche - "Stimpson"
Stimpson Hill - in Infraredvu 584 fois
Birch Forest and Shooting Rangevu 617 foisThe birch tree forest above the house, with the platform and bench of the pistol shooting range just visible. Photographed in infrared.
Stimpson Hill in Infraredvu 1063 foisPhotographed on a sunny spring day, 28 April 2012, in infrared
Stimpson Hill - Spring in Infraredvu 1266 foisThe lower garden, photographed with a Fuji FinePix infrared camera.
Marjorie Having Coffee and Watching Junk TVvu 1448 fois
Snowfall on Stimpson Hillvu 3264 foisLight winter snow falls on Stimpson Hill.
Stimpson Hill in the Rainvu 2708 foisIt's late May, and they've actually had snow on near-by Killington. Temperatures in the low 40's. And four or five days of rain.
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