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Whitecroft "Link" With Lemon Trees195 x bekekenWinter is coming, so the lemon trees have been moved into the link.
Cao Dai Temple -- Tay Ninh, Viet Nam5434 x bekekenShowing the altar and the unblinking eye, which "symbolises the divine presence of God."
Unblinking Eye -- Cao Dai Temple, Viet Nam6209 x bekekenThe unblinking eye is the symbol of the Cao Dai faith, founded in 1926 in Viet Nam. "Cao Dai venerates a host of different figures including Victor Hugo, Sun Yat Sen, and Trangh Trinh, a 16th century Vietnamese poet and philosopher. Its ethics are based in the belief in the reincarnation of the soul." There are 7 to 8 million adherents, mostly in Viet Nam.
The only sign of life - St Matthias cemetery248 x bekeken
St. Matthias notice board169 x bekeken
We've been spotted - St Matthias cemetery134 x bekeken
St Matthias cemetery158 x bekeken
St Matthias Church, Malvern Link, Worcestershire150 x bekeken
St Matthias Church, Malvern Link, Worcestershire154 x bekeken
The ancient stone that divided the parishes of Leigh and Powick, St Matthias, Malvern Link, Worcestershire158 x bekeken
Cemetery at St Matthias, Malvern Link, Worcestershire814 x bekeken
St Matthias, Malvern Link, Worcestershire197 x bekeken
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