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Резултати от търсенето на снимки - "Cocker"
Birdie and a Cocker Spaniel478 пъти видянаTaken at 140 Dowsett Avenue (I recognise the green tile). The inevitable dog. And a wonderful retro television set.
Bracken With A Poorly Paw272 пъти видянаBracken had just been on his 1 1/2 hour afternoon walk, and we took him for a run around the garden. He was fine, and then suddenly started to favour his left paw. We checked it carefully and no sign of pain or distress. In about an hour he was fine -- so our theory is that it was stinging nettle.
Bracken103 пъти видянаThat's quite a tongue.
Bracken126 пъти видянаBracken was really good at looking into the camera lens.
Woody -- More Interested in Cookie Than Ball175 пъти видянаIt poured with rain today, so while Woody still had his walks and ball-playing, it was hard to take photos in the rain. So this is one of those posed shots in our orchid house, with Woody more interested in the cookie (held just off camera, on the right) than in the yellow ball.
Woody140 пъти видяна
Woody Looking Sad129 пъти видянаDogs can be so tricky! A moment before this photograph was taken, Woody was bouncing all over the place, happy as Larry. But when the camera came out, he put on the soulful eyes.
Woody115 пъти видяна
Woody413 пъти видяна
Bracken With His Rawhide Bone139 пъти видяна
Bracken102 пъти видяна
Portrait of Bracken135 пъти видяна
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