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Zoekresultaten - "Cafe"
Marjorie in the Piazza San Carlo194 x bekekenThe day before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. NBC had an outdoor television studio near-by (for the Today Show), hence there was this big TV screen. We had lunch at the Cafe San Carlo -- it was so horrible that we sent it back. The young couple at the table near us, from Malta, had the same problem. When in Torino, avoid the Cafe San Carlo!
Marjorie at a Roadside Restaurant in Viet Nam266 x bekekenWe just stopped by the side of the road, and this "restaurant" was in essentially a tent. We had a delicious meal, and didn't get sick. And then we go to La Mamounia in Morocco, pay a fortune for our room and meals, and get food poisoning. Ironic.
Betty's in York128 x bekekenThis was like a clean Swiss cafe in Zurich, except for the fact that it was in York. It seemed to have a steady queue. We had a great lunch there, and bought some delicious cookies and pastry. (That's our car parked in front. I guess we could have driven inside.)
Extra Hot Latte at Craycombe Cafe, near Evesham112 x bekeken
Marjorie Enjoying Her Latte107 x bekekenAt the Craycombe Cafe near Evesham.
Marjorie Having a Latte at Cafe Craycombe84 x bekeken
Wot you havin'?146 x bekeken
And we haven't even had our coffee yet!!133 x bekeken
Yes, I went for the healthy option618 x bekeken
Need this to perk me up129 x bekeken
Where ARE our drinks??102 x bekeken
A woman's work is never done!!91 x bekeken
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