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Bilder-Suchergebnisse - "Bull"
craig and dogs - Torquay.jpg
Enjoying the Imperial Hotel, Torquay6052 x angesehenI believe it's great to travel with the dogs. Here we all are, enjoying our ocean front room at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay. September 2003
Kiko's Face1668 x angesehenThis is really an awful photogaph of Kiko, taken with my tiny cell phone camera in a darkened hotel room. But it has a rather creepy feel to it that we wanted to share.
Kiko Under Desk1348 x angesehenChristmas, 20021 Kommentar(e)
Kiko Resting in the Conservatory1853 x angesehenKiko quite comfortable in the Conservatory, January 28 2004
Kiko & Tapa Resting1511 x angesehenAfter a hard day of Bull Terrier "work" - January 20041 Kommentar(e)
Tapa at our Nantwich "Holiday Cottage"1908 x angesehenIn the living-room-from-hell in Nantwich while Marjorie did a knitting course, October 2002
Kiko in the Kitchen2408 x angesehen2 Kommentar(e)
Tapa looking quite sinister2412 x angesehen
Kiko & Tapa in their Favorite Position3700 x angesehen....begging for food....!1 Kommentar(e)
Tapa in the Kitchen2117 x angesehen1 Kommentar(e)
Marjorie with the Bull Terriers2639 x angesehenMadresfield - Summer 20033 Kommentar(e)
Marjorie and Tapa resting their eyes1289 x angesehenI recently asked Marjorie if she'd sell Tapa for 10,000. "Oh yes," she said. We could always get another puppy. Does this look like someone who would sell Tapa?
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