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Резултати от търсенето на снимки - "Betty"
Betty Having A Good Look at Her New Son939 пъти видянаBorn June 29 2005.
Betty and Her Son431 пъти видянаBetty licking her newborn son.
Betty and Her Son413 пъти видяна
Only Just Born417 пъти видянаBetty having a look at her new son. He has the classic Gloucester white stripe on his back. He was born about five to ten minutes before this photo was taken.
Ann and Vic Lift the Calf to His Feet2316 пъти видянаThe idea was that this would encourage him to walk. He seemed quite uninterested. Mother Betty had a bit of a nose.
Betty and Her Son467 пъти видянаAfter calling out the vet a couple of times, all things considered everything went well. Here is Betty with her new son, yet to be named.
Betty and Her Son260 пъти видяна
Betty and Her Son254 пъти видянаWhile the day looks cold, it was actually a muggy summer morning, June 29 2005.
Betty and Her New Son243 пъти видяна
Betty and Her Newly-Born Son255 пъти видяна
Gloucester Calf on His Feet, Nosed By Mother Betty274 пъти видяна
Young Gloucester Bull12602 пъти видянаThis is Betty's young bull calf. He's quite stubborn: Betty calls him from across the field, and while he'll stand up, he waits for her to come to him.
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