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I need a helping hand - this is tiring192 views
OK, I'm ready for a rest163 views
Setting up163 viewsGetting the tank ready for a photo shoot for "The Independent"
The team178 views
Overhanging Hedge111 viewsLooking to the north-west. This photograph was taken on our track (the gravel area). Our boundary is the post and rail fence which is barely visible in the midst of our neighbours' hedge. This hedge is the eastern boundary of the small garden behind The Cider Mill (21 Colletts Green Road). The hedge and trees are apparently overhanging our property. Just beyond the hedge (but not visible in this photograph) is the entry to Jack and Margaret's house.
The Cider Mill and Our Track141 viewsLooking down our track to the north. Our fence is on the right (east), and The Cider Mill is on the left (west). Our track, owned by us, is the gravel area on the right of the house. Public footpath PW-578 also runs down the track.
The Cider Mill and Our Track181 viewsOur track is the gravel area to the right (east) of The Cider Mill. As is shown, the house has essentially no land on its eastern side, except for a small brick path about three feet wide. Our post-and-rail fence is on the right of this photograph.
Front Door of The Cider Mill - 21 Colletts Green Road178 viewsThis photograph, taken from our track, illustrates how little land is owned by The Cider Mill. This is the front door of the house, on its eastern side. Our deeds (recorded at Land Registry) show that we own the area in gravel, at the bottom of this photograph. So our neighbours come out of their flower-bedecked front door and within a pace are on our land.
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