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Marjorie at the Bolex Camera Factory183 viewsI always wanted a Bolex movie camera -- it was the "gold standard." When I finally could afford one, video cameras had taken over. Still, we found this little factory in Switzerland, and bought a new Bolex 16mm movie camera. I think they make them by hand, one at a time.Mar 17, 2006
Marjorie Tasting The Water in Baden Baden, Germany188 viewsThis spring water is supposed to have wonderful health-giving qualities. But, judging from Marjorie's face, it doesn't taste too good.Mar 17, 2006
Craig in a Mickey Mouse Sweater1405 viewsI have no idea why I was wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater at the Supper Club in Amsterdam.Mar 16, 2006
A Dessert Plate at the Supper Club, Amsterdam159 views"Less is A Bore." Mar 16, 2006
Cathy Bushby, Chris Wilesmith, and Chris "Little Legs" Wilesmith166 viewsAt the Supper Club in Amsterdam.Mar 15, 2006
Cathy Bushby Dancing (I Think) at The Supper Club167 viewsThe Supper Club was a strange restaurant where you ate dinner on a large bed. According to their website, it was "the brainchild of a group of artists, libertines, and other creative souls." When I went to the restroom there were two, as you'd expect. But the two were labeled "Heterosexual" and "Homosexual."Mar 15, 2006
Steve Patch and Ann Heward at the Supper Club226 viewsI read about the Supper Club in Amsterdam in Conde Nast Traveller and we made reservations. At that time you ate on large beds. The restaurant didn't have its name on the door, wasn't in the telephone directory, and the concierge in our hotel had never heard of it. The new Supper Club website looks very swish, but perhaps not as much fun.Mar 15, 2006
Marjorie Having a Drink182 viewsAn undated photograph, with no indication where it was taken. (I tried zooming in on the background, but no clues there either.)Mar 14, 2006
Marjorie, Dan Quayle, and Me186 viewsHow relaxed we all look? This was on a production line. Dan Quayle (the former VP of the United States) stood still, and we were paraded in to have our photos taken. Once the shutter was clicked, he shook our hands while --- at the same time --- pulling us out of the picture so the next folks could slot in.Mar 14, 2006
John Bushby, Cathy Bushby, and Me187 viewsAt a Republican fund-raising dinner in Washington, D.C. A chance to wear name tags and have our photograph taken (very, very briefly) with Dan Quayle, the former Vice President of the United States.Mar 14, 2006
John Bushby and Marjorie681 viewsNew Year's Eve at Brenners Park Hotel, Baden Baden Germany, 1994Mar 14, 2006
John Bushby at Brenner Park Hotel807 viewsBaden Baden Germany, New Year's Eve 1994Mar 14, 2006
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