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"Code 4 For Danger" Cast1818 viewsNow if only we could figure out a way to edit "Code 4 for Danger" so it could be watched....Apr 22, 2012
English Country Garden1321 viewsThe back flower garden at Whitecroft, planted by Kevin Howdle.Apr 20, 2012
Sunbathing at Whitecroft1343 viewsMarjorie and Pau enjoying the sunshine. Surprising how short the leylandii were in 1994 -- by 2010 they were 20 feet high, and needed constant trimming.Apr 20, 2012
Marjorie697 viewsSummer 1994Apr 20, 2012
Frozen Whitecroft Pond588 viewsThe original Wendy House on the left of the photograph - amazing how short all the trees were. Apr 20, 2012
Snow in Whitecroft Back Garden563 viewsThe pool is under there somewhere. This Widelux photo was taken before we remodeled the back of the house.Apr 20, 2012
Marjorie, Craig and Prince Charles541 viewsPoor Prince Charles having to meet people like us in a tent somewhere in Gloucestershire. Marjorie holding him at bay with her nails.Apr 20, 2012
Marjorie, Chase and Brett358 viewsVisiting Ledbury, HerefordshireApr 20, 2012
Chase on Bobby356 viewsApr 20, 2012
Marjorie and Guestbook382 viewsMarjorie reading the guestbook in our room at Cliveden in Taplow, circa 1989.Apr 20, 2012
Marjorie359 viewsMarjorie with "how do you type with those fingernails?" nails.Apr 20, 2012
Marjorie352 viewsMarjorie looking very much in charge.Apr 19, 2012
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