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"I Didn't Know Pigs Could Swim."4478 viewsI was given a book called The Ubiquitous Pig by my father in 1993. In this book is an underwater photograph of a pig and a lady swimming by Garry Winogrand taken at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Texas. Here's our own version, with Barbara and a Tamworth.3 comments02/05/07 at 19:17Guest_Anon: Swimming Port...swhoooo!
568 views1 comments02/04/07 at 04:31Guest_Ksenija: comment...
563 views1 comments02/04/07 at 04:29Guest_Ksenija: Did you eat something funny...? :lol...
634 views2 comments02/04/07 at 04:28Guest_Ksenija: Have you ever seen this before?Oh...those animals....
Lord Rannoch of Lucies - Bath time1534 views2 comments01/26/07 at 11:23Guest_Shane: Try pulling Lord Rannoch through McKinley car wash...
Lord Rannoch and Highland Steak Dinner1352 views1 comments01/26/07 at 11:20Guest_Shane: Can you imagine what Lord Rannoch is thinking? Mum...
Scottish | Kobe Sirloin Steak1645 viewsI personally think the best way to cook a Scottish | Kobe sirloin steak is on the grill, with a bit of ground pepper and ground sea salt. This piece of steak is served with garden peas and potatoes. We grow our own potatoes at Lucies Farm and I'm amazed at how different they taste from "store bought" potatoes.1 comments01/26/07 at 11:18Guest_Shane: Can someone say Hawaiian style BBQ?
Shane and Dana at PoiCo "Wake"558 viewsOahu Country Club, Honolulu1 comments01/26/07 at 04:42Guest_Shane: Wow great memories. You still can contact me at cr...
Not blown over yet198 views1 comments01/25/07 at 14:25Guest_Ksneija: ...not the best weather to go out...!
Kiko Asleep267 viewsWe left the house at 4:00 AM on our way to Glossop to help film a BBC3 programme (turned out to be a waste of time). Kiko was fast asleep when we left in the early morning.1 comments01/25/07 at 14:19Guest_Ksenija: Sleepy sleepy time!!!!!
Tamworth In His Hoggles259 viewsPhotographs of our pigs wearing Hoggles were printed in the Telegraph, Independent, Daily Record, Daily Star, Metro and on the front page of the Worcester Evening News. We had a visit from local BBC radio, and the pig was mentioned on the BBC Today Show and again on Chris Evans' BBC drive-time programme. This photo is from Caters News --- news@catersnews.com1 comments01/21/07 at 18:32Guest_Anon: did my mother in law give you permission to publis...
Tapa In His Santa Hat2025 viewsBeneath the Christmas tree at Lucies Farm, 20065 comments01/21/07 at 05:05xtreme: Love the santa bull-what a lovely big smile
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