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Marjorie at LunchПросмотров: 724Weathervane Restaurant in West Lebanon, New Hampshire - photographed with a Fuji infrared camera
Craig at LunchПросмотров: 609Weathervane Restaurant in West Lebanon, New Hampshire - photographed in infrared
Marjorie in InfraredПросмотров: 595Photographed with a Fuji FinePix infrared camera
Stimpson Hill - in InfraredПросмотров: 596
Birch Forest and Shooting RangeПросмотров: 630The birch tree forest above the house, with the platform and bench of the pistol shooting range just visible. Photographed in infrared.
Stimpson Hill in InfraredПросмотров: 1075Photographed on a sunny spring day, 28 April 2012, in infrared
Stimpson Hill - Spring in InfraredПросмотров: 1278The lower garden, photographed with a Fuji FinePix infrared camera.
Marjorie Having Coffee and Watching Junk TVПросмотров: 1460
Sunapee Harbor - New HampshireПросмотров: 3459We took the dogs for a Memorial Day drive. In the middle of the countryside we saw a small sign pointing to Sunapee Harbor. Although miles from the sea, we found this lovely "seaside" New England harbor, complete with a seafood restaurant on the water. Gorgeous.
Snowfall on Stimpson HillПросмотров: 3362Light winter snow falls on Stimpson Hill.
Stimpson Hill in the RainПросмотров: 2808It's late May, and they've actually had snow on near-by Killington. Temperatures in the low 40's. And four or five days of rain.
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