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Elvis111 views
Elvis Having A Drink150 viewsElvis has a clean stainless steel bowl in his suite with fresh water. But dogs prefer the "natural" taste of pond water! The good news is that the water in our small fountain passes through a filtration system, in theory so fish could live in the pond. For some reason, we didn't think fish were a great idea --- so no fish.
Running Elvis145 views
Elvis Enjoying His Pond Water Drink123 views
Casey87 views
Casey92 viewsRunning along the fence (don't worry, the electric fence is off). On the other side are pigs, chickens, and the three alpacas.
Casey Having A Sniff101 views
Casey Taking A Corner80 viewsHaving a good run -- chasing a ball.
Casey74 views
Casey99 viewsMy, what big teeth you have. This is a photo taken with what Marjorie can I call the "big nose" lens. It might just be me, but "big nose" photographs always make me smile. Casey, on the other hand, just wanted the doggie treat held above the lens. (And she got it.)
Casey74 viewsLooking very Regal.
Casey With Bat Ears88 viewsI hesitated to post this photograph because it looks quite evil, and it's out of focus. But Casey's bat ears and her jewellery make it quite interesting. Casey was running towards me, and I don't remember this evil glare. That's the funny thing about photography: it sometimes picks up things you don't see. In this case, the camera lies --- Casey is a sweetheart.
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