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Magnolia in the Moonlightšt. ogledov:118It was a beautiful full moon, and I could smell the magnolia blossoms in the front garden. I took this 2-minute exposure of a magnolia using only the moonlight.
Kasiašt. ogledov:111
Whitecroft on a Summer Morningšt. ogledov:144Our front garden on a cloudless summer day, July 13 2006. We even have the RainTrain sprinkler running (on the right of the photograph). A gorgeous day to be outside.
The Old and The Newšt. ogledov:202The magnolia tree in our front garden -- a new blossom, and an old. The magnolia is an ancient genus that evolved before bees appeared. The flowers are designed to be pollinated by beetles. This is a Southern Magnolia, or Magnolia grandiflora.
Whitecroft on a Summer Morningšt. ogledov:115A cloudless, perfect summer day, July 13 2006. I was outside watching the RainTrain sprinkler do its thing, and enjoying the sunshine.
Get ready, here it comesšt. ogledov:104
Round Bushes and Fig Treešt. ogledov:120This is the "entrance" to our front garden at Whitecroft. The fig tree is growing well --- our theory is that it's near the flue from the boiler, and also the kitchen extractor fan. The fig tree is in its own "micro-climate" that is hopefully a bit more like the Med than like Malvern.
Yeah, I know, Poland went out of the World Cup earlyšt. ogledov:103
On dog patrolšt. ogledov:105
Artichoke Plantšt. ogledov:90Whoops, it looks like we didn't pick the artichokes in time to cook and eat them. They'll soon become huge open flowers. As much as I like eating artichokes, they're also pretty spectacular when they bloom.
There's nothing like your own lettuce - if we can eat it before the wildlife does!št. ogledov:331
A daisy playing host to a variety of wildlifešt. ogledov:101
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