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Lucies FarmAt Lucies Farm -- in sunny Worcestershire, England -- we raise pedigree Aberdeen Angus and Highland cattle in the traditional Japanese Kobe style to produce quality beef. We also have an elite dog resort, catering to a handful of exclusive dogs. And we make a range of dog food and dog treats -- even haddock ice cream and a doggie birthday cake.
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Walsh Family AlbumPhotographs of our family -- when we were young, or were working, or were travelling, having fun, being sad, putting on make-up, cooking, playing with the bull terriers, eating (lots of these), living.
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Galleries of Friends & FamilyThe photo galleries of our family and friends.
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Rupert79 x bekeken
I'm just full of boundless energy1180 x bekeken
Hi Five97 x bekeken
Here I come for another throw88 x bekeken
Oh, Cavi, begging will get you everywhere!69 x bekeken
Lord Rannoch of Lucies299 x bekeken
Where'd it all go99 x bekeken
A Fire Pit in the Bab al Shams Hotel1710 x bekekenIt gets cold on the desert at night, so the Bab Al Shams Hotel had this large fire pit that they lit every evening. Marjorie is relaxing on the right, a bit like Rousseau's Sleeping Gypsy.

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Don Nassie with Tahitian Shell Lei9971 x bekekenI think this was taken as a publicity photo for Shirl-iti -- to sell Tahitian shell leis and woven hats. Kahala, the 1960's.22 mrt 2016
Marjorie at the Beach9636 x bekekenIn a knitted wool bathing suit.02 jul 2015
Marjorie Making A Strange Face32973 x bekeken02 jul 2015
Blue Lagoon - Iceland2299 x bekekenSpent the winter afternoon enjoying the volcano-heated milky blue waters, infused with silica. Luxury.10 feb 2014
Stimpson Hill in the Rain2471 x bekekenIt's late May, and they've actually had snow on near-by Killington. Temperatures in the low 40's. And four or five days of rain.26 mei 2013
Where did I get that sweater?3838 x bekekenAn old photo of me at RPI -- circa 1966 or 1967. A friend of mine found this online in another classmate's photo gallery. I remember that sweater -- I thought it was wonderful.26 mei 2013
Snowfall on Stimpson Hill3033 x bekekenLight winter snow falls on Stimpson Hill.16 jan 2013
Sunapee Harbor - New Hampshire3128 x bekekenWe took the dogs for a Memorial Day drive. In the middle of the countryside we saw a small sign pointing to Sunapee Harbor. Although miles from the sea, we found this lovely "seaside" New England harbor, complete with a seafood restaurant on the water. Gorgeous.28 mei 2012