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Dog Grooming


34 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 13 jan 2008
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The Tank -- Looking Above and Below


We borrowed this great tank from Tim Ainsworth, and have used it to photograph shots that show both above and below the water. The tank was also used by the BBC when filming "Countryfile" at Lucies Farm.

34 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 08 nov 2006
Album 1239 keer bekeken

Public Relations


Magazine and newspaper articles about life at Lucies Farm: the Kobe beef, Kurobuta pork, and (of course) the luxury dog resort.

37 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 22 aug 2009
Album 1374 keer bekeken

Christmas at the Dog Resort


The Queen has her annual speech. Our tradition is to do formal Christmas portraits of our doggie guests beneath the tree. Or as near to formal as we can get.

149 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 26 dec 2006
Album 1672 keer bekeken

Matthew Barney's Guardian of the Veil


We were asked to provide the Highland bull for Matthew Barney's "Guardian of the Veil," part of "Il Tempo del Postino" at the Manchester Opera House. This was part of the first Manchester International Festival. We were glad to provide Ross of Bien Esk, and we recorded the whole experience in photographs.

257 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 21 jun 2008
Album 6272 keer bekeken

The Floods Of Summer 2007


84 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 25 jul 2007
Album 1378 keer bekeken

Aerial Mast Photography


Photographs of Whitecroft and Lucies Farm taken using an aerial mast. A bird's eye view of our little corner of sunny Worcestershire.

30 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 19 aug 2007
Album 1240 keer bekeken

Cooking for Dogs


Marjorie's new book --- Cooking for Dogs --- is now available throughout the UK, US, and Canada. You can order a copy in the UK directly from --- just click here. For more information on Cooking for Dogs, please visit our website.

100 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 31 jan 2008
Album 1429 keer bekeken

RDF Television - "Personal Services Required"


We participated in the filming of a programme about recruiting housekeepers for RDF Television/Channel 4. The programme was called "Impress Me," and we think this has now changed to "Personal Services Required."

31 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 13 jul 2008
Album 2028 keer bekeken

Gordon Ramsey's "F Word"


Photos of filming a segment for Gordon Ramsey's "F Word" at Lucies Farm, featuring Janet Street Porter.

30 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 04 mei 2008
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3M Thortex Walltech


We contacted 3M for their advice on how to paint our cement block walls in the stable-kennel conversion. They suggested we use a particular contractor, and he was fabulous. But the 3M paint, in our experience, was awful. In the end the job had to be re-done with paint from another manufacturer. We found 3M to be very second-rate in their view of customer service. Guess I need to buy my Post-it notes from someone else. I won't be purchasing 3M products in the future.

14 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 11 jun 2009
Album 1091 keer bekeken

Wooden Gates


The Gates of Albion. These were installed by Albion Landscapes and Fencing in September 2009 and we started to have problems with them immediately. We offered a payment, less a retention, but this was refused. Instead Nigel Roberts took the farm to Court. We made another generous offer in mediation, again refused. The Small Claims hearing took place on 11 June 2010. The judge said the gates were "slipshod," and Roberts agreed! We won a judgment to pay to remove the gates and have someone do a better installation. Roberts was also ordered to pay our Court fees and the costs of our expert (from Timber for Technology Ltd.). A lesson in Customer Service - and the folly of rushing into Court. A huge thanks to our solicitor, Richard Slade of Richard Slade & Company.

37 bestanden; laatste toegevoegd op 30 mei 2010
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