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Scottish | Kobe Beef


We have been raising our pedigree Highland cattle (and, more recently, pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle) in the traditional Japanese Kobe fashion. The result: Scottish | Kobe beef. Delicious! For recipes and the history of Kobe beef, please click here. To order Scottish | Kobe beef, please click here.

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Highland Cattle


We have been raising Highland Cattle since 1992. As we move more towards Kobe beef production, we are also moving to pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle.

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Lord Rannoch of Lucies --- our home-grown, award-winning bull --- has his own photo album. You can find out more about Rannoch, and purchase semen, at --- his own website.

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Luxury Dog Resort


Situated on 57 acres in sunny Worcestershire, the Lucies Farm Dog Resort can pamper four or five guests at a time. Long runs in our private woodland, meals of Lucies Farm luxury dog food, and residence in an architect-designed kennel complete with under-floor heating and air conditioning. To visit the resort's website please click here.

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Swimming Dogs


The newest service at Lucies Farm: doggie swimming. We have an indoor pool, heated to 90 degrees, with a gentle current (that can be controlled). We've installed a doggie ramp, and monitor the water quality like hawks.

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Doggie Birthday Cakes


We thought it would be fun to save photographs of the doggie birthday cakes we've created. If you'd like to order one, please click here.

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Tamworth & Berkshire Pigs


At one time, we raised a limited number of Gloucester Old Spot pigs. Then everyone did -- so we stopped. We now raise Tamworth Pigs and have just started with Berkshire pigs. Please visit our Tamworth Pig website and our Berkshire Pig website.

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Wild Boar


We have recently received our license from the Malvern Hills District Council, and have added some wild boar to the farm. It's more like the Maasai Mara than sunny Worcestershire.

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Chickens Ducks and Turkeys


Black Rock Chickens, Khaki Campbell Ducks, and Bronze Turkeys --- all make Lucies Farm interesting.

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Gloucester Cattle


According to the Gloucester Cattle Society, there are fewer than 700 female Gloucester cattle in the country.

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General Farming


Gneral photographs on and around Lucies Farm, located in sunny Worcestershire.

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Lord's Wood


Lord's Wood is a 7.53 ha mature woodland located above the River Teme (SO 8152 ref 7312). It is semi-natural, comprising oak and ash over hazel coppice. The ground flora includes bluebells and primroses. We purchased Lord's Wood in 1997 from the Croome Estate, and subject to planning permission wish to introduce green burials. To visit our green burial forum, please click here.

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Three Counties Show


Random photographs of our visit to the Three Counties Show Malvern, June 17, 2005 and June 17, 2006.

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Hattie the Beagle spent five weeks at Lucies Farm during the summer of 2006 as part of the "It's Me Or The Fat Dog" programme. Also see her "blog" --- click here.

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Wag and Bone 2006 -- It's Me Or The Dog


We participated in the 2006 Wag and Bone Show with a large ice cream cone booth --- and more of our smoked haddock ice cream, formulated for dogs.

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