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Vic and Barbara Cleaning The Pool2737 viewsThe water is only 4 1/2 feet deep throughout, warmed nicely, and near where Vic is cleaning there's a current that can be turned on and adjusted.22222
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Berkshire Piglets16882 viewsWe bought Fairoaks Mermaid 4 as a pedigree Berkshire sow in gilt. The sellers, the Bignells, told us her possible farrowing date was May 26. On the appointed date, along came the piglets. This photograph was taken just after they were born.22222
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Duckling936 views3 comments22222
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And so, farewell to an imposing figure1394 views22222
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York Minster Cathedral Chairs216 views22222
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Ronan519 viewsRonan the Rottweiler2 comments22222
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I don't remember checking the swimming box in the activity section284 views1 comments22222
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Missy262 viewsWith a great, big smile.1 comments22222
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Two Shots of Joe630 viewsHow could you not want to give him a pat and a cuddle --- and a cookie?2 comments22222
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Sunday Afternoon Walk61148 views1 comments22222
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Kiko Asleep on Couch.jpg
Kiko Hard at Work3268 views22222
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Chase, Brett and the Christmas Skull1716 viewsFor Christmas 2003 I decided Chase would like a human skull. After all, for my birthday she gave me silver cufflinks made from her wisdom teeth. Did she like the skull? You be the judge.1 comments22222
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