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Westbrook4623 viewsSince his arrival at Lucies Farm a few days ago, Worthington has become a "stable pig." He lives in one of our stables, and runs around the stable yard keeping us all company.
Coloured chickens at the mega market in Morisset July 2005.jpg
Coloured chickens4611 viewsWe saw these coloured chickens at a market we visited in Morisset1 comments
Think I've seen something of interest4610 views
Camel Parade Number 24591 viewsAnother camel in the Camel Parade, in the gardens of the Dar Al Masyaf hotel.
WMF Gondolier Bowl4582 viewsWe purchased this large centrepiece bowl --- made from silver-plated "Britannia Metal" (pewter) in the late 1800's --- in Buenos Aires in 1995. As there's no room for it at Whitecroft, we've put it up for sale on eBay.
Ted4550 views3 comments
Wild Boar Feeling Frisky4548 views
Our Little Dam4543 viewsThis is the first time I'd seen water actually go over the sides of the dam. Normally the water just goes through the lower portion in the middle. Fortunately our stream was able to take the water safely away from the house and garden.
Lord Rannoch of Lucies4540 views1 comments
You mean I gotta share this?!4524 views
Boy, you've got a good grip4521 views
Tenbury Wells - Let Us Do Your Ironing4519 viewsThis sign made me chuckle. It was in the window of a cluttered, dusty shop. And the sign itself looked like it needed a good ironing.1 comments
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