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Mmmm, quite good5038 views
Kune Kune - Gloucester Cross5006 viewsDon't ask me how, but somehow Chase's kune kune pigs mated with our Gloucester Old Spot boar, and this piggy is the result. When I tried to take her photo she kept trying to hide behind the water trough. I guess I can't blame her for not wanting to have her photo snapped.
Did I bring any other clothes?!5002 views
Isn't this fun4988 views
Belgian Blue Bull4969 views
Queen's Surf Gardens - 19584965 viewsCraig standing in the old Queen's Surf gardens, Waikiki Beach, 1958. Complete with the tiki in the background.
Barbara Cleaning The Pool Tile4948 views4 comments
Atrium of Burj al Arab Hotel4948 viewsPhotographed from the lower lobby, looking up through the fountains and the large gold columns. They love gold in the Burj al Arab!
Empty Stand at the Wake Island Airport - Circa 19534946 viewsWith, I suspect, the "skyline" of PAAVille in the background.
Underwater Seafood Restaurant -- Burj al Arab Hotel4926 viewsThe view from our table at the underwater seafood restaurant. I don't think we were really underwater, but there was a large tank of salt water fish to keep us entertained as we ate their cousins.
The Vet Giving our Tamworth Boar an Injection4893 viewsAnn Carman, from The White House Vets in Malvern, comes out on a Saturday and Sunday to see our Tamworth boar. He's a bit lame, but Ann found nothing in his paw (trotter?) and no apparent broken bones. An injection of a pain killer and some antibiotic is needed, but the first bends Ann's needle. Big tries to keep the boar in place while Ann tries again with a stronger needle.2 comments
Panoramic Image of the Bridge Between Wake and Peale Islands4864 viewsAs best I can tell from the map of Wake Island this is the bridge between Wake Island and Peale Island. The water beneath leads into the lagoon. It appears that the bridge is under construction. I think this photo --- actually two slides stitched together --- is circa 1953.
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