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Running Through The 11 Acre Field5222 viewsI'm not sure if this Highland cow was running to me, or away from me. A warm summer afternoon, July 10 2005, on the 11 Acre field.
Berkshire Piglet on a Summer Afternoon5197 views
Piglet, Mother, and Mud5173 views
The Cider Mill, Colletts Green, Powick, Worcester5169 viewsA photo (looking north, across Colletts Green Road) of the shrubs in front of the Cider Mill. These are overhanging the narrow road, and scratch our car if we are coming from the west (left) and there's ongoing traffic.
Berkshire and Tamworth Piglets Playing5159 viewsSummer morning, 4 Acre Field
Chase's Kune Kune Pig5132 viewsThis attractive pig is a Kune Kune - Gloucester Old Spot cross. A face that only a mother pig could love.
Smiling Sheep5122 viewsImagine how hot this poor sheep must be under all that fleece?
Baby Tamworth5092 viewsThis piglet is chewing a twig or something in the mud bath. Perfect for a hot summer afternoon, June 26 2005
Resting Tamworth Pigs5066 viewsWith a chicken keeping watch over the sleeping pigs.
Three Alpacas5056 viewsWith Westbrook, the Berkshire boar, in the foreground, and a couple of young Tamworth boars in the background.
Westbrook5054 viewsWestbrook is a Berkshire pig boar. He currently lives in the tall grass of the chicken field. I sat down to take his photograph and he wanted to take large bites out of my legs, arm, and (especially) shoes. He's getting big and strong, so I suspect my sitting on the ground with him will be a thing of the past.
Marjorie and night vision goggles5036 viewsWe purchased these Russian-made night vision goggles at a Photokina show in 1996 or so. They were impossible to wear and to use. With all the publicity surrounding night vision during Gulf War II, we decided it was time to eBay them. Poor Marjorie got to be the night vision goggle model.
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