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Teddy105 viewsTeddy looking a bit wet after he proudly decided that he wanted to swim across the pool at the bottom of the fountain.
Max's Coat98 viewsA close-up of Max's coat, wet from his dip in the stream. It's incredible how it all fits together, almost like scales.
Moon Drying Off125 viewsMoon put her head into the small "Duck Weed Pond," and is using the rotary technique to dry herself off.
Lula After Chasing Her Ball179 viewsLula chased her big blue ball for hours, mainly into streams and mud. Here she is after a ball-chasing session, wet and ready for more! (She was dried off immediately afterwards, and warmed up in her toasty suite.)
Me in Rotorua376 viewsWe were looking at the volcanic mud pots in Rotarua, New Zealand when it decided to rain --- a lot.
Tapa Playing With The Hose240 viewsOn a nice, warm summer day, Tapa loves to play with either the sprinkler or (best of all) loves to be squirted with the garden hose. We have a special Tapa-friendly nozzle that offers about six different types of water spray. He loves them all.
Welllllll, that was a bit wetter than I expected79 views
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