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Berkshire Piglets16842 viewsWe bought Fairoaks Mermaid 4 as a pedigree Berkshire sow in gilt. The sellers, the Bignells, told us her possible farrowing date was May 26. On the appointed date, along came the piglets. This photograph was taken just after they were born.
Fairoaks Mermaid and Marjorie2015 viewsFairoaks Mermaid has just given birth to ten piglets. I took this photograph from the door of her pig ark. Marjorie is looking in the little hatch, and from Marjorie's viewpoint you can see the piglets. Mother was calm and considerate throughout. For those who think pigs are dirty, look at how she gleams, and look at how clean she keeps her home.
Tamworth Pigs and Jet138 viewsWe don't normally take dogs to see the pigs as they just bark at them. But Jet is gentle and quiet, and the pigs are very curious.
Jet With The Tamworth Pigs104 views
Jet and the Tamworth Pigs96 viewsThe pigs would like to play...
The Thundering Herd5283 viewsI had to keep running in front of them, and they'd just chase me faster and faster.
Here They Come . . .5393 viewsThe Tamworths (mother and piglets) chasing me as I keep trying to run ahead of them.
Piglet, Mother, and Mud5074 views
Tamworth Boars in the Grass688 viewsThese two little fellas have just been weaned from their mother. She's soon forgotten as they play in the tall grass.
Sorting out the Tamworth Boars899 viewsThe pigs have been gathered in their grassless field. Time to seed it over so the grass will grow by the early autumn. The little boars have been released in this field, full of tall grass and the Black Rock chickens.
Tamworth Pigs -- And Berkshire Piglet5937 views
Young Tamworth Boars1307 viewsEnjoying a warm summer afternoon in the tall grass.
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