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Kiko's Nose586 viewsI think Kiko's nose is great. I like the little black lower lip as well. It almost looks like Kiko polishes his nose when we're not looking.
Cathy In Sunglasses166 viewsIt's a Bank Holiday week-end, and yet it's sunny? I have a new wide angle lens and I've been experimenting. The lens allows me to get quite close -- but it does strange things to your nose! Whitecroft, April 30 2005
Marjorie in the Garden174 viewsMore wide angle lens experiments. Saturday of the May Bank Holiday week-end, and it's actually warm and sunny. Whitecroft garden, April 30 2005
Tamworth Pig - Muddy Nose2513 views
Marjorie and the Tamworth Lady2876 viewsMarjorie has shown great wisdom and has worn white trousers out to visit the piggy wiggy. Naturally, the pig's reaction was to coat her nose with mud and then want to show Marjorie how much she is loved. Kissy, kissy . . .
Tamworth Curiosity2256 viewsWe were in one field watching the Berkshire pig give birth. Naturally, the Tamworth pigs in the next field were nosy --- particularly if any of our activities involved food. Convenient how the snout can go through stock fencing.
Nosy Pig1308 viewsTamworth pig showing me that his nose can go right through the fence, thank you.
By The Nose211 viewsImagine this huge animal being led around, literally, but a few fingers in his nose ring?
Tamworth Pig -- Royal Show 2005792 views2 comments
Cuddly Tamworth Pigs, in Jail -- Royal Show 2005511 viewsAfter the show, these two Tamworth pigs were having a nice cuddle in their pen.
Tamworth Pig -- Royal Show 2005448 views
Tamworth Pig -- Royal Show 2005508 views
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