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Joe Viewed From Above708 viewsWith it so dark and wet outside, it was difficult to take a long shot of Joe. When I got down on my knees to take an eye-level shot, he was all over me like a cheap suit. This photo is taken from above: Joe is watching the aniseed cookie I'm holding (awkwardly) over my head.
Cookie Having a Mooch226 views1 comments
Cookie Would Like to Meet the Ducks153 viewsCookie looking over our white picket fence (needing paint - a spring job) at the Khaki Campbell ducks.
Cookie141 views
Cookie Watching the Chickens119 views
Cookie and the Stream139 viewsCookie looking over the small dam in the stream. Naturally, she then walked across the dam, only to be confronted by the fence on the other side.
Cookie105 viewsMarch 19 2005
Cookie and Marjorie on the Footpath158 viewsCookie and Marjorie on the afternoon walk, along the footpath in the field next to our house. March 19 2005
Marjorie Walking Cookie and Paulo371 viewsI asked Marjorie to hold both dogs for a moment while I climbed the small bank on the side of the road to photograph our cattle grazing. As I turned around, I thought a photo of Marjorie holding Cookie and Paulo was worth snapping.1 comments
Kiko581 viewsPlaying with my new wide angle lens. Kiko doesn't care -- he just wants the cookie that Marjorie is holding over my shoulder. April 24 2005
Teddy Waiting for a Cookie140 viewsGuess what we were using to get Teddy to stand still? Aniseed dog cookies. Teddy is a Norfolk Terrier.
Maddy and Marjorie's Red Shoes113 views"Give me a cookie!"
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