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Wisteria Vine - Whitecroft247 viewsWhy doesn't this vine go up the wire we've put on the right? It seems to have a mind of its own.
Wisteria - Whitecroft181 viewsI've always been disappointed by our Wisteria vine. It seems to bloom late (if at all) and then it's not very nice. I think we made the mistake of putting it on a north-facing wall. This year, 2004, the flowers were the best I've seen. But still not as good as others I've seen. Perhaps 2005?
Wisteria Vine - Whitecroft178 views
Perfumes of May479 views
Wisteria Vine at Whitecroft85 viewsThe vine is on a north-facing wall, so it doesn't bloom as much as we'd like --- and it blooms quite late in the season. But it is gorgeous.
Wisteria Blossom137 viewsA flower on our Wisteria vine.
Wisteria Blossom72 views
Our Wisteria Vine72 viewsThis wisteria vine overlooks the outdoor swimming pool.
Swimming Pool at Whitecroft95 viewsThe view from the deck outside of the orchid house. The wisteria vine is on the right of this photograph. The pool looks inviting, but the water is cool.
Swimming Pool at Whitecroft131 viewsWith the wisteria vine in bloom. Photograph taken relatively early in the morning (for me) on a June morning, 2007.
Whitecroft Swimming Pool105 viewsPhotograph of the back of Whitecroft, showing the outdoor swimming pool and the orchid house (on the right). Summer 2007
Wisteria Vine88 viewsNorthern wall of Whitecroft. I suspect we should have planted it on a southern wall. It took a long time to start blooming, but now when it's spring and early summer, it's gorgeous.
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