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Birdie and a Cocker Spaniel352 viewsTaken at 140 Dowsett Avenue (I recognise the green tile). The inevitable dog. And a wonderful retro television set.
Television Interviews at the Oval Lingotto154 viewsDuring the 500 Meter Men's Speed Sakting, Torino Olympics, February 13 2006
Marjorie and Tapa on a Balcony at the London Television Centre359 viewsAt the studio to do a "pampered pooch" piece for ITV's "This Morning" programme. Marjorie and Tapa taking a short break on the porch, with the Thames in the (wet) background.
Journalists at the Men's Speed Skating Championship493 viewsOval Lingotto, Torino, February 13 2006
The DVD's From The States101 viewsMarjorie and I miss "Survivor" and "Amazing Race," neither of which are shown in the UK. (Although they've recently started to show the latter here.) I found a gentleman on Elance to record the two programmes for me on DVD's. As you can see, we're not exactly on top of watching them.
Marmadukes Luxury Hotel - York171 viewsFor our one night in York, we paid 180 (on a Monday night, in November) to stay at Marmadukes Luxury Hotel. We thought it was awful. Here's a photo of the only TV in the room, with a screen smaller than my laptop. And you had to sit in this low, stiff Victorian chair to watch TV. It was truly awful.
Marmadukes Luxury Hotel -- Trying to Watch TV in Bed93 viewsThis overwhelming bed also made it impossible to watch the single TV in the room from bed. Yet the bed was 80% of the room. The single TV screen was small, and you had to look at it through the bars at the foot of the bed. It was the most inconsiderately designed hotel room Marjorie and I had ever encountered, and the hotel management was absolutely the worst.
Have you met my new friends196 viewsFilming Marjorie taking photos of the doggie guests for the "Impress Me" television programme. Celine is watching the activities on a monitor.
I'm not fazed by all this attention124 viewsFilming Marjorie taking photos of the doggie guests.
Not a good job to do with a hangover156 viewsPeter, the sound man for the RDF crew, taking a breather after looking for broken glass from a light so that we could take a dog swimming for filming
I know it's in here somewhere113 viewsPeter, the sound man with the RDF crew, filming the documentary "Impress Me", looking for broken glass from one of the lights above the pool
It's been a ball121 viewsThe end of filming family snapshot. Rod and Celine are part of the RDF team who had been filming a documentary called "Impress Me" for Channel 4
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