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Smiling Kiko6747 viewsTook this photo of Kiko in the back garden, August 2004. Kiko makes me smile --- he's always so happy, and he looks happy!
Happy Dog338 views
Smiling Sheep4941 viewsImagine how hot this poor sheep must be under all that fleece?
Tamworth Pig -- Royal Show 20052187 viewsSmiling pig, resting after the show.
Lennox -- Smiling122 viewsLennox is a Staffordshire terrier --- large, broad head and strong jaws. And, in this photograph, a huge smile!
Westbrook Having A Laugh861 viewsWestbrook is a Berkshire boar, or kurobuta ("black pig") in Japanese. I think happy animals produce the best meat --- and happy animals make us all happy. Westbrook is a happy pig, with a good sense of humour. And one of our alpacas is in love with him, and follows him everywhere.
Sunflower425 viewsThis sunflower -- and only this one -- is growing along the fence in the wild boar field. The pigs haven't even touched it.
Happy Tamworth Pigs796 viewsThese healthy, happy Tamworth pigs seem -- at least to me -- to be smiling. They're having a nice, cool rest in the dry dirt.1 comments
Moon Smiling127 views
Marjorie in the Garden91 viewsPlaying catch with the doggie guests. She's smiling because it's a rare sunny day, in late January 2006.
And here's Faroh smiling89 views
Isn't she smiling?89 views
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