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Tiny checking a pipe155 viewsNothing in there -- but worth a sniff just to be sure.
Pippa and Jessie169 viewsWe tried to take photos of Pippa out in the garden, but she was having none of that. The moment I tried to put my camera to my eye, she shuttled out of range. A Greta Garbo dog! But she didn't mind the camera in the dog resort. Pippa (a Hungarian Viszla) and Jessie (a Hamiltonstovare) wait for doggie biscuits. (See shadow on right of photograph.)
Pippa and Jessie397 viewsI wonder what Marjorie is holding right about my camera lens?
Pippa Catching108 views
Jessie and Pippa239 views
Pippa in the Lead118 views. . . but with Jessie close behind
Pippa and Jessie127 views
Pippa108 viewsPippa is a Hungarian Viszla -- watching the ball that Marjorie is holding just to my left!
Jessie and Pippa Playing Catch123 views. . . with Marjorie in the background, throwing the ball in my direction and trying not to hit me or the camera.
Sewage Outfall Pipe from (We Think) Lord's Wood Cottage218 viewsAt the request of the District Council, we have removed the undergrowth and some of the soil from the offending sewage outfall pipe (see earlier photograph). This pipe is within Lord's Wood, and points directly to Lord's Wood Cottage.
My ears give me balance!94 views
If I bark loud and long enough do you think she will go away?812 views
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