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Marjorie and the Coffee Cup162 viewsThe latte machine at the Little Chef at the Cherwell Valley motorway stop was broken, so Marjorie fetched a latte from the cafe stand. She almost needed a wheelbarrow to get it to the table.
Our Dog Massage and Acupuncture Services157 viewsWe provide dog massage and dog acupuncture services, to registered guests and to day guests, at the Ritz Canine. During the summer months, dogs are massaged overlooking our 1/4 acre pond.
Marjorie 1 At Starbucks in South Australia1120 viewsCathy wrote, "Did my daughterly duty yesterday and took Mother to Colonades which is near where she lives, I think I did some 120 kms just doing that. We had coffee at Starbucks, the first one opened in South Australia and it has to be miles from where I live, oh well just need to wait until they open more nearer me."
Yeah, you should try this95 views
Oooo, that feels good135 views
I knew I was in a photo shoot210 viewsMr. Daisuke Okayasu, London Correspondent for The Tokyo Shimbun and Andy Joyce watching Richard Chamings perform canine acpuncture. The Japanese daily newspaper is doing an article on the pampering of pets throughout the world.
Wow, that needle is big86 views
Does this hurt?77 views
The Tokyo Shimbun282 viewsThe Tokyo Shimbun is a large daily newspaper in Japan. They did an article about pampering pets throughout the world: dog swimming in Washington, D.C., acupuncture in Beijing, and swimming-acupuncture-massage at Lucies Farm. The photograph shows Richard Chaming, our veterinarian, with his dog Spice talking with Marjorie, as Gregorz swims in the pool.
I'm gonna get the last drop409 views
Aahh72 views
Our favourite occupation.........73 views
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