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Photographing Lord's Wood307 viewsUsing an aerial mast camera to take a photograph of Lord's Wood from King's End Lane, Powick.
Aerial Mast Photography of Birchfields154 viewsTaking aerial photographs of our two fields at Birchfields, Powick
View Over Whitecroft332 viewsShowing the roof of the garage and indoor pool in the foreground, the dog resort on the left, and the stable yard in the background.
Birchfields 1182 viewsThe ten acre field at Birchfields, with the crush and small "management" pen in the foreground. We planted all of the trees --- on the left and right --- after we purchased Birchfields. The green "grass" is actually weeds: we are in the process of renewing the grass, and these weeds need to be sprayed off before the grass is planted.
Birchfields 2170 viewsThe slightly darker stretch of land, extending from the bridle way on the left to the hedge on the right. The small red arrow points to the Worcester Cathedral in the distance. The lighter area in the foreground (with a few sheep) is Birchfields 1 1/2, owned by others.
Management Crush and Pen at Birchfields 1310 viewsTemporarily holding Ross of Bien Esk and Betty, before turning them loose into all of Birchfields 1.
Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Hotel199 viewsThis purpose-built building has four suites for up to eight pampered dogs. The exterior runs are on the right-side of the building, so not clearly visible in this aerial photograph.
Dog Exercise Area186 viewsThis grassy area, in what is called Maggot's Croft, is one of our favourite areas for ball playing --- you can see the stripe in the middle where the dogs run up and down (the land slopes away) to catch the ball. The stable yard is in the right foreground.
Front Garden at Whitecroft190 viewsAn aerial view over the house itself, showing our swam fountain and the 1/4 acre pond in the distance.
West Side of Whitecroft221 viewsThe garage and indoor pool are in the foreground, and the dog resort is on the left. This shows how close the dog resort is to the main house itself.
Lord's Wood203 viewsAn aerial view from Kings End Road showing the trees of Lord's Wood in the distance, beneath the blue sky.
Maggot's Croft222 viewsThe various pig fields of Maggot's Croft, with the stable yard in the foreground. We are getting ready to re-seed the first paddock. The second paddock holds our Berkshire pigs, and the third paddock holds our wild boar. The entire area is surrounded by an electric fence.
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