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Fez As A Sanitation Worker182 viewsFez dressed in his costume as a New York City Sanitation Worker.
Artur and Grzegorz in Costume168 viewsRoss was held just below the Manchester Magistrates' Court, a short distance from the Crown Court. When Artur and Grzegorz were in costume, I photographed them in front of the Crown Court. Quite an unsettling image.
Digby Gribble and Ross1622 viewsDigby in his kilt, getting ready for dress rehearsal.
Artur and Grzegorz in Costume146 viewsDressed in kilts and balaclavas.
Ross At His First Rehearsal133 viewsBeing led by Digby Gribble and Artur Ivanyan, with Grzegorz Bednarski following from behind.
The Musicians in Costume139 viewsThe musicians from "Guardian of the Veil" in their costumes, outside the Manchester Opera House.
Ross Going Down the Ramp to the Stage126 views
The Wrecked Chrysler Imperial678 viewsOn the stage of the Manchester Opera House.
Artur and Grzegorz Listing for their Cue147 viewsAt the back door of the Manchester Opera House, waiting for their cue to take Ross in for his performance.
Tez As A Sanitation Worker113 viewsTez dressed in his costume as a New York City Sanitation Worker.
Lise Helping Digby Gribble Into His Kilt487 viewsLise helping fit Digby's costume.
Digby and Two Security Guards117 viewsAt the back of the Manchester Opera House, with Ross in his temporary holding pen. Ross always had a large contingent of security guards when at the back of the theatre.
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