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Marjorie and Bracken at Christmas116 viewsWe tried to take Bracken's photograph beneath the Christmas tree, but he just wanted to cuddle us. He was willing to wear the silly Christmas ears, but only if Marjorie held him. Good thing it only takes 1/60th of a second to take a photograph, because that's how long the ears stayed on. Christmas 2005.
Mugsy and Cavi at Christmas140 viewsWe tried to get them to wear some silly Christmas "ears" that we'd bought, but the ears were too large, and Mugsy and Cavi were having none of it anyway. Christmas 2005.
Mugsy and Cavi at Christmas109 viewsMerry Christmas! 2005
Mugsy and Cavi at Christmas119 viewsChristmas 2005
Mugsy and Cavi at Christmas121 viewsBeneath the Christmas tree at Lucies Farm. (Looking towards the heavens --- actually, to the cookie that Marjorie is holding just out of camera view...) Christmas 2005
Bracken Looking at Marjorie141 viewsWe tried to get photos of Bracken's face, but he was in a Greta Garbo mood. Christmas 2005.
Mugsy and Cavi with the Rawhide Christmas Crackers138 views
Distracted by the Rawhide Christmas Cracker124 views. . . a chance for us to briefly slip on the silly Christmas "ears."
Enjoying the Rawhide Christmas Cracker121 views
Lupus and The Devil Ears94 viewsChristmas 2006
Zooey98 viewsBeneath the Christmas tree, 2006
Zooey81 viewsBeneath the Christmas tree, 2006
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