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Rannoch, Kirsty 1st of the Kiln, and The Donkeys309 viewsEnjoying an early autumn sunny morning at Birchfields 2.
Lord Rannoch of Lucies334 viewsAn overcast autumn day, 23 Oct 2005, at Birchfields 2.
Lord Rannoch and a Lady Friend296 viewsWe just moved the ladies from Birchfields 1 down the little road to Birchfields 2. Rannoch was delighted to make their acquaintances, again, in a Highland bull sort of way.
Lord Rannoch of Lucies1367 viewsBirchfields 2 on the morning of 23 Oct 2005.
Lord Rannoch of Lucies290 viewsQuite happy at the fact that six Highland ladies were delivered to his field. Like a kid in a candy shop --- or is it a bull in a China shop?
Lord Rannoch of Lucies with a Lady Friend420 viewsLord Rannoch giving Neonag 1st of Brucefield in chat-up line.
Rannoch Off To See His New Girlfriends331 viewsWe've loaned Lord Rannoch out for the winter to a farm in Warwickshire. Marjorie and Zbig gently coax His Lordship into the stock trailer for the short ride.
Rannoch Displaying His Ribbons329 viewsWon at one agricultural show.
Lord Rannoch Surveys His Territory340 viewsHis Lordship likes nothing more than to relax on the ground, in the shade of a tree, and watch his ladies. Come to think of it, what's wrong with that?
Lord Rannoch Behind the Rose Bush282 viewsHe'd become a bit camera-shy by this point, and chose to "vant to be alone" behind a rose bush.
Lord Rannoch Having a Bubble Bath334 viewsHe seemed quite disinterested in the whole bubble bath process. Zbig was kind enough to warm the water, and we used Johnson's Baby Shapoo. After all, he is a Lord. Having our photograph taken for GQ Style magazine.
Oh, the humilition386 viewsLord Rannoch decided to pay Ballet Cruz a visit and in the words of the Rolling Stones "made the biggest mistake of his life". He was no match for the much younger bull. He's OK. Only his pride is wounded.
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