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A View of the Olympic Facilities in Pragelato154 viewsPhotographed from the mountain road.
Our Room at the Hotel Plaza, Torino155 viewsWe were able to find a hotel room in Torino for our last two nights at the Olympics. Our hotel, the grandly-named Hotel Plaza, was clean and remarkably inexpensive. But the room was also very, very "compact."
Sitting on the Bed in the Hotel Plaza, Torino174 viewsNot much room to sit anywhere else in our "compact" hotel room.
Olympic Ski Slopes -- Sestiere157 viewsThe ski slopes looked gorgeous, the seating stands looked enormous, but we were on our way to the luge in Cesana Pariol.
Me Sitting in the Oval Lingotto236 viewsThey wheeled me to this area in the Oval Lingotto where we sat, essentially, with the speed skating coaches and had a ring-side view of the action.1 comments
Two Different Eyes150 viewsWe encountered this dog, Volvo, on the streets in Turin. He has two different coloured eyes. His owners were quite happy to have me take his photograph.
Marjorie in the City of Bra150 viewsWe went to Bra for lunch --- it was near-by, and the name was amusing.
Me Sitting on a Chair Outside the Oval Lingotto138 viewsWe went to see the speed skating at the new Oval Lingotto. This was the first place where the Caribineri (police) actually let me get through to the handicapped parking area with my EU handicapped parking permit. I sat on this chair in the parking lot until they brought around an electric cart a few minutes later.
Throwing the Dog Into The Air143 viewsThe skateboard dude tossed his little dog into the air a second time, as we all looked on in stunned horror. Fortunately, he caught the dog a second time. Did the dog enjoy this? Discuss.
Marjorie in Sestriere142 viewsWe had a nice lunch in Sestiere, and then we walked (I slowly hobbled) around the small "city centre" to look at the ski clothing and souvenier shops.
Marjorie -- At Lunch in Bra, Italy148 viewsAs we waited for our lunch, Marjorie decided to play with the bread sticks.
Me and My Poor Foot143 viewsSitting on the mountain road railing above Pragelato, Italy. Great to see the sunshine.
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